Use A Steam Cleaner For Grout Cleaning

A steam cleaner is one of the most powerful machines used for hard surface cleaning. There are a variety of uses of steam cleaners in the arena of hard surface cleaning. Examples of their use range from simple concrete cleaning to hard wood cleaning.

Steam cleaners clean by using their high temperature output. The output, which often has a temperature in excess of 386F, melts almost any kind of dirt present on the surface.

A steam cleaner machine is suitable for cleaning hard surfaces. However, if the surface is not hard enough to withstand the high output temperature of the machine, it is better to not use steam cleaning machines.

The following are some practical tips to make the best use of a steam cleaner for concrete and grout cleaning.

Output Temperature, the higher, the better for any hard surface cleaning.

A steam cleaner has to be as powerful as possible. How do steam cleaners derive their power? it is in their output temperature. The higher the output temperature of the machine, the higher cleaning power if will often give.

Most steam cleaning machines have an output temperature of more than 360F. Sophisticated steam cleaners have an output temperature as high as 386F and feature anti-bacterial technologies. When buying floor steam cleaners, it is better to invest in the machine with the highest output temperature.


Twin Benefits of Dry vapour output

When choosing vapour steam cleaners, the best machines would be dry vapour steam cleaning equipment. The advantages of machines that offer dry vapour output are twofold. First, these machines offer sharper cleaning. Second, less water is used with dry vapour steam cleaners, meaning there is less clean up.

How does this happen? The reason lies in the physical structure of the output of such floor steam cleaners. Dry vapour means it has very low liquid water content, often less than five percent. The lack of liquid water content not only makes the output sharper, but ensures that the quantity of liquid passed to the surface is also low.

As it uses little water, surfaces aren’t flooded and areas without sufficient drainage can still be used. Such surfaces tend to remain clean and tidy for a long time too. Dry vapour output can melt the dirt and dust in concrete joints too.


Antimicrobial capability

Among cleaning machines, steam cleaners are somewhat unique. Unlike other cleaning machines, most of which can just clean the surfaces, a steam cleaner can also sanitize the surface. Many harmful microorganisms perish when exposed to the high output of the machines and the anti-bacterial technologies they offer.


Modern industrial steam cleaners are equipped with specialized anti-bacterial technology too. This technology can eliminate many disease-causing microorganisms. Such machines are widely used for cleaning purposes in the hospitality and healthcare sectors.


Attached vacuum

Conventional rug steam cleaners, by themselves, can iust displace or melt the dirt. The removal of dirt was often performed manually. Some later models of industrial steam cleaners are equipped with a vacuum. These steam cleaner machines can melt the dirt as well as extract the dissolved impurities.