Cleaning jobs in London. How to find them


Finding work as a cleaner in London

Finding a cleaning job in London is not as difficult as it may seem. Cleaning work requires a lot of physical effort and applying for this type of work requires a disciplined, energetic, punctual and healthy individual. Many cleaning jobs are part-time positions, where you will only work for a couple of hours a day. You may also be required to work unsociable hours, such as very early in the morning, late at night or even overnight.

The beginning of your career as a cleaner

When you start your career as a cleaner in London, you may feel daunted because initially you may get jobs that are distant from home, require only a few hours a day and a lot of physical effort. Do not be discouraged. Due to people’s fear of cleaning work, only the bravest tend to apply, but once you start your job as a cleaner it’s very easy to climb to higher levels where physical effort diminishes and your work becomes easier. There are cleaning jobs where you are not required to work very hard, and by being punctual and having a good attitude will suffice. These jobs are mainly in exclusive stores, large malls or shopping centres. When you have a minimum of six months cleaning experience, you can aspire to be a cleaning supervisor and later, become a manager.


How much can you earn as a cleaner in London

In 2017 when this article was written, people working as cleaners in London start at £7.50 per hour as this is the minimum wage for over 25s, £7.05 for 21-24 year olds. Supervisors can earn £2 extra per hour and area managers are paid an even better salary. Keep in mind that some cleaning companies pay their cleaners something additional called the London living wage, which is a benefit that is provided to people who earn the minimum wage and live in a city as expensive as London. You would have to ask your employer for this, as not all of employers put this into practice. Remember that the longer you work cleaning you can aspire to a better salary since that depends on your years of experience, how well you are connected and where you work.


What cleaning work is the most difficult?

Perhaps the most difficult cleaning jobs in London are in hotels, or heavy jobs such as cleaning large kitchens in restaurants or cleaning pipes etc. But in these cases you can negotiate your salary with the employer.


What people usually work in the cleaning industry in London?

Due to anti-discrimination laws, these jobs must be available to anyone regardless of ethnicity, gender, age, etc. However, these jobs attract people of Portuguese, Brazilian and Latin American origin who sometimes, despite having a profession in their country and being highly capable, are forced to work as cleaners in London because of the language barrier. They are punctual and disciplined people with a professional attitude and high standards of cleanliness. It is not necessary to supervise these people at all times, since you can have confidence in them. These types of cleaners are highly recommended, although you can also find hard working people who come from other parts of the world. The important thing is that the employer can trust them and that these cleaning operatives are of benefit to the cleaning company.

What do I need to become a cleaner

  • Good health and reasonable energy levels.
  • Previous experience, good attitude , common sense and willingness to learn.
  • Be able to work frequently under pressure, both independently and as part of a team, and to fit into a multicultural working environment.
  • Willingness to work unsociable hours, mainly early in the morning or late evenings. It helps if you live close to work.
  • Have a National insurance number and a Bank account, you can open one with your utility bills or if you don’t have them, get a provisional driving license and that should suffice.

The following can improve your chances of getting a cleaning job

  • Being able to speak English.
  • Having a driving license.
  • Having First aid training.
  • Having any cleaning certifications.
  • DBS police check for places that require high security.
  • CSCS card if you are going to work in a construction or building site.


Where to find cleaning jobs in London

Cleaning jobs in London are usually found through websites such as this Twitter account, which posts new jobs every 5 minutes and can help you find employment in London. It is called “Trabajo Londres“. Once you’ve found the job you want, contact the advertiser and send them your details or CV.


Cleaning jobs in London
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