Tips For Cleaning Wooden Blinds

How to clean Wooden Blinds

Wood blinds are very elegant and provide sophistication to any room in the house. These blinds were manufactured and designed so as to resist dust which means there is no need to clean them regularly. However, they should be cleaned every three months so that they continue to look attractive and function well. When cleaning them, you just need certain cleaning supplies and a little physical effort. Here are some tips to clean these blinds.

To wash blinds made of wood you must lay them down on an old sheet, newspapers or a drop cloth so as to prevent dust or dirt falling on to the floor. The blinds should then be lowered and the slats closed. The dust can then be removed using a horizontal brush for blinds, an old sock or a dusting matt. Dust must be removed beginning at the top of the slat and each slat must be dusted individually followed by the entire set. A liquid fabric softener should be used to clean blinds that are very dusty. Get a paintbrush with clean and soft bristles that are the same size as the wood slats. Dip the brush in the fabric softener, removing any excess moisture by blotting it with a cloth. Each slat must be wiped with the brush starting at the top of the slat and then sideways. The slats must then be dried using a clean and dry cloth. Rinse the blinds with clean water. Dry the slats with a slightly damp microfibre cloth or mitt to remove all the water. Wipe the blinds gently sideways beginning at the top. They must then be dried immediately using a clean and soft rag. Don’t let the wooden blinds get too wet because too much moisture will lead to warping and discolouration. The next step is to polish the blinds using a dab of furniture wax placed on a cloth. Each slat should be rubbed with this. Make sure to only put wax on blinds that are clean otherwise the dirt will be sealed in.

Another way to clean wooden blinds is to pour one-quarter cup olive oil in a small bowl containing warm water. This should be mixed well using a big spoon or your hands. Gently take down the blinds and place them on a clean towel. Dip a micro fibre cloth inside the olive oil mixture. Excess moisture should then be wrung out. Rub the cloth on each slat from the top to the bottom until the desired result is achieved. Dry the blinds and then hang them back up. If olive oil is not available, you can wipe the slats with a slightly damp micro fibre cloth that does not contain polish. To keep the dust away, wipe the wooden blinds weekly using a dryer sheet. To protect it from too much moisture as you clean windows, spray glass cleaner on a clean cloth rather than on the glass. Before using water on the blinds, it is best to read instructions from the manufacturer. It is not recommended to use harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners on wooden blinds as the wood may warp, discolour or scratch.