Sanitary Ware Cleaning Tips

Sanitaryware Cleaning Tips

Many people complain of sanitary warehouse cleaning up very troublesome, today I will introduce you to some effective ways to help you solve your problems. Toilet environment, tile seams prone to dark green tile joints in small mouldy wax.

Bathroom odour

Put lemon peel or bubble over the dry tea leaves on the toilet, and the smell will quickly disappear.

Yellow toilet

Pour cola into the toilet bowl and soak for 10 minutes. The general dirt can be removed.

Room cleaning knowledge:

Wipe furniture with a cotton, soft cloth graze. Do not water wash, not with soap and water or soda, it will affect the finish of the furniture’s surface. If you put a cup of boiling water on the furniture, the paint film will leave a white scar. This burn scar can be removed in two ways:

  1. Use kerosene or alcohol solvents to clean the toilet water
  2. With a cork dipped in clean tea

To restore the lustre of the furniture

Use this simple method: add a little vinegar in hot water, then with a soft cloth dipped in the vinegar water, gently wipe. When the water is completely dry, you can use furniture polish to restore the gloss polish. Beautiful white furniture after a while will turn yellow, so you use toothpaste to clean it. Don’t scrub too hard, otherwise it will damage the film. Clear furniture with milk smell. First glass of boiled milk anti-home-house furniture (kitchen counter class), the door firmly closed to be removed after cooling the milk, furniture, the odour will disappear within the original.

If the furniture has been painted with crayons, this is how to remove crayon marks. With a soft cloth, slowly wipe over the marks with toothpaste which can then be removed.

To clean furniture

Put a few drops of glycerine in water and wash with that cleaner. If you’re having trouble cleaning small storage drawers, wipe out each drawer one by one. In fact, use the vacuum cleaner and cover the suction with screens or gauze and then direct into the drawer. This can greatly simplify the process.

Try each method and see how it works.