The Best Shampooer For Carpet Cleaning

The best machine for washing your carpet

Most UK residents are well aware that their carpets can easily collect dust. However, they are not generally aware of the plethora of bacteria and other potentially dangerous substances that can reside in the carpet. In order to rid your home of these things, a good carpet shampooer is necessary. There are many factors to consider in which shampooer is the best for carpet cleaning.

Shampooing machines can be fairly inexpensive – and they can also be steeply priced. The wide range of prices makes it important to shop around when looking foe a shampoo machine for carpet cleaning. Higher priced machines and extractors are usually made for companies that perform professional carpet cleaning, or for the city’s building maintenance teams. Since these machines tend to be large and bulky as well as pricey, buying one is not really a practical option for the homeowner. The industry recommends the shampooer, the Cimex R48 for many residents. The lighter-weighted machine is the home of a nineteen inch brush that works at 400 rotations per minute. The Cimex R48 is powered by a one-and-a-half horsepower motor that works with thirteen amps of power. Its tank can contain up to 6.6 gallons of cleaning solvent, and its fifty foot power cord allows it to be easily manoeuvred about your home. The machine is quiet and easily handled, making it ideal for use in the home, or even for businesses that stay in operation around the clock (such as nursing homes or hospitals). With this machine, carpet cleaning can be accomplished rapidly and without any problem.

There are, of course, other shampooers designed for household use. Those shampooers that are designed for household use are considerably less expensive than those that are designed for commercial use – but there is a catch. Household shampooers are significantly less effective than those designed for commercial activity. This is why it is important to either rent a commercial machine, or to hire a company that does carpet cleaning to come into your home and clean your carpet once every year or so. The price of a shampooer built for residential use is comparable to that of a common household vacuum cleaner, and they are made by the same household manufacturers – such as Hoover, Dirt Devil Eureka, and Bissell. Another commended model is that of the Dirt Devil MCE6600 Steam cleaner. To put the prices in perspective, this model costs less than one tenth what the commercial Cimex R48 is worth at retail. The tank on the Dirt Devil model holds only one gallon, and the cleaning brush covers about twelve inches. The power cord is half that of the Cimex R48, at twenty-five feet. Despite all this, the Dirt Devil MCE6600 Steam cleaner works on twelve amps of power; this demonstrates that the Dirt Devil is nearly as efficient as the Cimex R48.

With a model such as this one, it would be easy to do your own carpet cleaning. Admittedly, it’s a bit difficult to select only one machine as the best shampooer, but it cannot be emphasized enough how important it is to participate in carpet cleaning – whether or not you decide to buy a machine and do it yourself.