About the Professional London Cleaners

Stalwart Cleaning is a family run business established in 2002. We provide professional cleaning services for Offices, shops, common areas etc.
Being family run our company can provide stability, commitment, flexibility and decreased costs. We have a greater sense of commitment and accountability.

Our level of commitment is almost impossible to generate in non-family firms and this leads to additional benefits, such as a better understanding of your needs. You get flexibility and won’t hear, “Sorry, but that’s not in my job description” in a family business. Family members are willing to wear several different hats and to take on tasks outside of their formal jobs in order to ensure the success of the company.

Being a family run business we have more control over all aspects of the company and needs of our clients. We can focus our efforts very efficiently in providing you with a good service.

Large cleaning companies find it difficult to get trustworthy staff and keep adequate control of their contracts. They frequently fail to meet the needs of their customers and cleaning staff.

For these reasons we suggest you break the paradigm and hire a family run cleaning company like ours.

Contact us now  You won’t regret it. We also give you the facility of No long term contracts.