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How to clean a smelly vacuum

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    In life we come to face many unexpected problems, on a day-to-day basis we may find a new puzzle to solve; like that smelly odor coming from your vacuum. There are many causes to a bad smell: a loose belt rubbing against something, organic particles building up somewhere, or an electrical malfunction. If you smell anything burning, you should turn off your vacuum immediately and call your local appliance repairman. For any other problems, you should be able to find and fix it yourself. Or find the root of the problem and reduce it, until a professional can look at it.

    Like with any problem in life, you always want to inspect all of the variables. If there is a burning rubber smell in your vacuum, the best place to check is the belts. It may be broken or some type of obstruction is getting in the way. Or it is getting loose from all the wear and tear. Whichever scenario it is, this is probably one of the most common problems seen in vacuums. Just like a car, a vacuum could use a fine tune up every once in a while.

    Steps you can take to solve various smelly problems and tune up it up:

    ·   Examine the bottom of the vacuum by tilting it backwards, try to see if you can easily roll the beater. If you are unable to roll it, then unplug the vacuum from your outlet. Proceed to examine the roller for any pet hair, strings of carpet, or fabrics that can bind around the roller. Then start cutting them off and voila, you now have an easier time vacuuming!

    ·   Investigate the bags or filters that are used within the vacuum, that is if they use one. If not, then check any of the compartments where the materials go through. I would advise not to take any components apart that require a screw driver, unless you are a DIY magician. Oftentimes, mildew will build up in hard to reach areas, where it beings to pick up moisture. Always maintaining a dry environment is important.

    ·   After you have taken out the bag or filter, you mite as well wash it thoroughly, that is if the manual says you are allowed to. Or replace it as you see necessary, even if this is not the main source of the problem, maintaining this aspect of your vacuum will save you a headache in the long run. Make sure that if you do wash it, to let it dry in the sun for at least four hours, especially if it is some type of bag or filter.


    There are many problems that may be outside of your realm of expertise, this is when you call in for the cavalry. The experts and professionals that fix appliances are not that costly, and most likely you will be able to find some type of coupon within your local penny saver or shop around. Shop for local prices and ask a repairman to beat their competitor's prices, I am sure they would be more than happy to get another customer.

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